Saturday, May 21, 2016

Finished Piece #2: Tubbs from Neko Atsume

In late February, I attended Midwest Craft Con in Columbus, Ohio with my wife.  She was a sponsor so she got a free ticket (which went to me) and I was able to attend any events/classes/etc. I wanted.  Mostly I was there to sell stuff for my wife as she attended classes, but I did have the option to attend classes if I wanted.  That being said, I didn't go to any classes - nothing really stood out to me as something good for me - but man did I ever event it up!

I helped people make some shrinky dink vaginas.  I made friends with friendship bracelets and wine. I sang some karaoke (pictured is "Come to my Window" by Melissa Etheridge).  And somehow, within all of that, I found time to stitch!

We had a friend who introduced us to Neko Atsume like two weeks before the Craft Con, and so by the time Con hit we were pretty into it all.  We mentioned it to everyone and anyone we could find, and got like ten people to add the app to their phone.  And then I decided to embroider Tubbs for funzies.

We had my trusty blue pen, so I traced an image of him sitting in front of an empty plate of sashimi onto some cloth.  The cool thing was I literally traded it off of my phone screen - I dropped my phone into the toilet a few weeks prior, and my new fancy phone was big enough to have the perfect image size for a tiny hoop stitch.  Then I stitched away, and the final result was this:
I'm super happy with it.  His right leg and crotch are a little weird, but I like how the crumbs turned out and I'm a huge fan of his general shape.  And the back isn't even that bad!
All in all, pretty awesome, and right now it's hanging in the front window of my wife's store.  It was on a back wall, but I figured that wasn't awesome enough for Tubbs, since he's such a beast.  I think this is the best stitch I've done to date - hopefully my skills continue to improve!

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